Where Coaching and Cookery Collide

If you love food, and you love getting real, then this is the place for you – and welcome! Dishing in the Kitchen is a place where we serve up practical wisdom, along with recipes for great eats, and happy little anecdotes about life’s simple pleasures.

My dear wish is that each of you finds your everyday life extraordinary and that you take a little time each day to investigate what makes your heart hum.

For my heart, it’s happy idleness. I like to moodle around in my kitchen and garden, visit markets and second-hand stores, and explore my psyche.

Here at Dishing in the Kitchen, you’re invited to hang out around the virtual table and deep-dish about whatever you find interesting. Pie, perhaps? Spend some time. Share your thoughts, ideas, and favourite recipes.

In Good Eats, you’ll find lots of food inspirations for happy, healthy meals. Home Truths is where coaching and cookery collide and we get out of the comfort zone and into where the action is.

If you have a little something to get off your chest (and who doesn’t?) post your comments in The Laundry Line and we can have a good dish about it. And for soul-candy, drop by Simple Pleasures.

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Stay tuned for more to come, such as DiK – Dishing in the Kitchen for men, and some sweet and sassy product sales.

Welcome, and come back often!


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About Vicki

I’m a coach and consultant and in my spare time I like to cook and play house. I believe happy idleness is a purposeful pathway to a contented life. And I am happiest either in my pajamas or an apron – or both.


  1. Ronda Payne says:

    Wahoo! Welcome to the world, and keep dishing! :)

    • Hi Ronda – thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by the Kitchen. Do you have a fave recipe to share? Or a favourite veggie?

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