Tureens and Travel

This week’s fabulous finds are from two different scouting outings. Keeping up with my collection of fruit-embossed dishes, I picked up this great gravy boat and plate at the local Value Village. I already have an official gravy boat that matches my good china, but I came across this one while I was in post-pedicure bliss browsing with a dear friend, and couldn’t resist. (I’m sure it will be handy for those 40-person buffet dinners we’re always hosting.)

The darling little tureen was discovered in a second-hand store in my hometown. I travelled there last weekend and my mom, aunt and I spent part of a lovely June afternoon poking through shelves and riffling through boxes. In a spurt of familial generosity, I decided to treat and our bill was a whopping $10.25. We all came away happy, with little treasures tucked in our bags. I’m not too certain exactly what I will use the tureen for….it is a bit small for soup. Perhaps it will be perfect for sauce. I’m thinking something from Julia Child. Sauce Duxelles anyone?

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  1. barnesgirl says:

    Yeah! Happy Sunday. Love your posts on Fabulous finds, if only because it justifies my growing collection of while milkglass! Thank you.

  2. So far... says:

    that's 'white' milkglass.

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