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This is where you can let it all hang out and have a good dish about whatever bugs you. Consider it ‘bitchin’ in the kitchen’ or ‘Dear Abby’ for the cosmically enlightened.

Use the handy comment box below to post about what’s sticking in your craw. You’ll need to sign in to comment with an identity and email – that’s the way we prevent those nasty spammers – but you are free to use a cyber alter-ego (your email is not published). Of course, it’s so much more satisfying to OWN those complaints and so much more fun for the rest of us to read them when we actually know who you are!  

I can’t promise to respond with savvy wonderfulness to every post, but once a week or so I’ll take a topic for a wash, rinse, and spin – and pin it on the line. You can read Dishing’s advice posts under The Laundry Line blog tab.

What’s on your mind? Air it here, and we’ll see if we can’t iron out the wrinkles. (Oh, and let’s keep it clean, people.)



  1. To get things started, I asked some of my coaching clients to post in our online group about something that had been bugging them. They were generously spirited so here are a couple they posted. I’ve posted them here, to give you the idea:

    1. Dear Dishing in the Kitchen: I have a relative who talks too much, every time we are at a family gathering they “over talk” when others are telling a story. It would be great if they would talk less and listen more! They also are quick tempered! Any advice?
    “Trying to Get a Word in Edgewise” in BC

    2. My daily commute on public transit has the ability to highlight all of my little social intolerances. What triggers the biggest response in me and starts my internal mind-chatter is behaviour that I perceive as being disrespectful to other passengers.

    I appreciate that many people are simply turning unproductive time on a train or bus into productive time, but do you really need to share the latest drama in your life with the rest of the bus as you share it with your friend on the other end of your cell phone? Really people, my own personal drama is way better than yours any day! And as much as I appreciate stretching my musical repertoire, I don’t really need to hear the music blaring out of your headphones from two seats back – especially when I happen to be wearing my own headphones at the time. Oh, and have you ever tried sitting in an akward position to try to avoid the guy beside you digging his elbows in your ribs as he types away on his laptop? Hey, to do that, you at least have to take me out for dinner; a girl’s got to maintain her standards!

    I often see Translink’s cheery “we’re all in this together” messaging but it sometimes leaves me wondering where the balance point is between tolerance of the needs of others and care for yourself. Where do we draw the line?

    Commuter Girl

  2. You can read the Dishing responses here:

  3. Dear Vicki,

    Maintaining a balance between being a professional, a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend is a challenge at the best of times, but right now, it feels especially challenging. Between hip replacements, broken limbs, engagements, major illnesses, teething, high profile projects, high maintenance customers, relationships, and work travel I am having difficulting maintaining my perspective. Deep breathes, quiet time, play and family time all help, but it is still overwhelming. I know it will pass, but would love some support. It feel a little like I am wading in the water, marathon style.


    • Thanks Shel! I hear you and I’ll post a more detailed response in The Laundry Line column. Meantime, stay afloat. And even if you are only treading water, keep your head up!

      Any other lifeguards in the Kitchen? Wade in and offer Shel some floating tips!

      • This Glamma’s advice after a busy career, several health challenges, grief, a poor relationship, with way too much juggling for comfort, is
        #1.Choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste energy you don’t have a lot of on issues that aren’t life or death matters. Yes at the time, everything matters and overwhelms… but please try and set aside a regular time and decluttered quiet space each day, after work or dinner, for fifteen minutes of nothingness…just peaceful solitude and breathing space. Whether you meditate or not, just winding down for a short time will feel like a gift. DO NOT take your phone or device with you!! Light a candle, breathe deeply, play soft music…it seems silly if you’re a busy workaholic, but just try it for a week. It’s your time. No one else’s. I also recommend long bubble baths, a glass of wine, and a book after everyone’s in bed, just to get out of your head at the end of your busy day.. Also, with age I’ve learned to settle less often and always expect great things.

        • Beautiful wisdom here. Thank you for taking the time (and it is obviously precious to you) to share your insights with us — just loving the moniker Glamma, to – xo

  4. Okay Dishie! See how you react to this one! I grew up knowing certain things…there will always be another bus, carrots will not grow long in clay soil, and Money’s Mushrooms is a fine BC tradition.
    Angry at RCSS for their two faced attitude about 100 mile eating and using Canadian products (looked at the No Name mushrooms one day – their ONLY canned mushrooms – only to see they are product of China!) so yesterday I toodled off to Save -On (a lovely BC company) to buy my Money’s Mushrooms. Excitement built as I neared closer to the section – my heart sang – there they were! Ta-DA! So excited, I flipped my nose at the direction of Superstore as I turned the can around to bask at the glory of the label that proudly announced: Product of CHINA. Ahhh ye – wait – WHAT??? China??? MY Money’s Mushrooms? The farms that we have been hearing about from city folk who want to move to the ‘country’ then b***h about the country smells – THAT Money’s Mushrooms? What the ???? I wandered around the store in disbelief. Finally I realized that the Health food section has a small canned goods area – Success! BC Mushrooms from an organic farm – $2.99 a can??? Not on my budget. I left the store a broken woman.
    Please, Dishie, help me – do you know how to safely freeze fresh mushrooms? (I am hoping that they are BC grown!)
    I Must be a Mushroom – they’ve kept me in the dark and fed me Bulls**t!

  5. Dear Lor
    I see you are ‘mad about mushrooms’ in at least two senses of the word :) Let’s see what we can dig up on BC mushrooms before you get to the third!

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