Recipes from an Italian Kitchen

It’s midwinter on the wet, west coast where I live, and  we are having those kind of dark, gloomy days that simply cry out for cosy jammies, snuggles, and comfort food. As I type this, the house is filled with the robust aroma of Ragu Bolognese. My beloved is steaming up the kitchen, trying his hand at […]

Found: The Perfect Butter Dish

Might be because of the name of this blog, or it could just be that I am just part of a common universal longing, but I find myself crazy over dishes. I’ve an inkling I am not alone, as I regularly come across others afflicted with the same urge to find and collect great china, […]

Dishing Fans Take Back the Weekend

Drum roll, please. Here I am with the awesome Peter Laurie, proprietor of the Backeddy Resort and Marina and the generous sponsor of the Take Back Your Weekend contest. Lucky fan, Jenn Co-McMillan won the online draw contest and Kathleen Hatley won the door prize draw at the Soul Sail in June. Standing Up for […]

Can’t Beet Summer Feasting

Enjoying a summer break and a happy moodle along the Sunshine Coast of BC and the Courtenay-Comox area on Vancouver Island. The West Coast is wickedly beautiful and the Comox Valley is a bountiful juxtaposition of agriculture and the sea. Salmon. shellfish, fresh fruits and vegetable abound and it’s fair to say it has been […]

5 Fab Finds: From Europe to Maple Ridge, Avec Amour

Hubby and I returned from our trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago ( I know, unbelievably lucky to have the lives we have!) and I am eager to share some of my insights, travelogues and meanderings. Of course, I took over a thousand pictures. (I just love digital, don’t you?) So its taking […]

Spring Things

It’s wet on the west coast. Cold, too. My peas are up and the beans are starting – but oh my! It’s cold in the garden. I just returned from our home-away-from-home in sunny Scottsdale and it is spring in the desert, too. Different though. Very different. How? Glad you asked. Sunny. Dry. Blue, blue sky. […]

Sharing the Love of Food

Today I figured out how to add a page to my blog. Big doins’ I know! In keeping with my philosophy of the ‘the power of small’, I am revelling in this little accomplishment and decided to use it as a space to post recipes, thus I’ve creatively named the page ‘Recipes’ and I’ve posted one. […]