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Dishing in the Kitchen and Golden Ears FEAST are co-sponsoring the Haney Farmers’s Market Taste & Try, supporting Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. Across the globe people are ‘Standing Up for Real Food’ encouraging food education and support for local producers. Dishing in the Kitchen will be live at the Try It, You’ll Like It booth in Memorial Peace Park in downtown Maple Ridge, along with a small team of amazing volunteers. Learn about leeks, sample cock-a-leekie soup (made by the Citizen-of-the-Year! ) and take a market tour to find out where your food comes from.

May 19 is also Literacy Day at the market (L is for Leek, L is for Literacy). The local library will offer storytime throughout the day with books featuring food related themes. How much fun is this going to be?

 Truly a Big Feast Feast

Get your feedbags on! Big Feast Bistro is sponsoring two nights of ‘Farm to Fork’ dining at their amazing resto in Maple Ridge, May 18 and 19. $55 for three delicious courses. Ten bucks from each meal split between the Food Revolution Foundation and the Interactive Hot Lunch Program at the Environmental School Project in Maple Ridge BC. By reservation only. I’ll see you there (if I can take my eyes off the food long enough!). Call (604) 477-4334 and if you want my advice – do it soon!


How Do You Start a Revolution?

Media Release: re Food Revolution Day in Maple Ridge

How do you start a food revolution? Local foodies have joined forces to find out, and are bringing chef and real food advocate Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day to Maple Ridge on May 18-19, 2012.

The Jamie Oliver Foundation is launching its first-ever Food Revolution Day, a global day of action to inspire, educate, and empower people everywhere to stand up for real food. Thousands of people worldwide will participate in events to raise awareness on preventing diet- related diseases, and to arm people with the knowledge and tools to make healthier food choices.

The Haney Farmers MarketBig Feast Restaurant and BistroDishing in the Kitchen and Golden Ears FEAST (Food Education and Strategy Action Table) are co-sponsoring activities to bring awareness and raise funds for food education.

On May 18 and 19, the Big Feast Bistro is offering two nights of Farm to Fork dinners featuring three courses of local and seasonal food for $55. Ten dollars from each meal will be split between the Jamie Oliver Foundation and the local Environmental School Interactive Hot Lunch Program.

Golden Ears FEAST and Dishing in the Kitchen will host the first “Try It You’ll Like It” booth at the Haney Farmers Market on Saturday, May 19th. The booth will feature the leeks and chives, both of which are available from local farms. The event also marks the launch of the “Gourmet Grannies” program, funded by Service Canada, that links seniors with local food initiatives. Volunteers at the booth will provide information on the history, use, storage and handling of leeks. Local Citizen-of-the-Year, Candace Gordon, will prepare cock-a-leekie soup (garnished with fresh local chives) for sampling and the recipe will be provided to attendees.

Additional volunteers will offer tours of the market to introduce visitors to food producers. The tours will highlight the vendors selling fresh produce and local food products with emphasis on those supplying fresh leeks and chive starter plants to complement the featured recipe.

May 19 is also Literacy Day at the market. The local library will offer storytime throughout the day with books featuring food related themes.

Dishing in the Kitchen is a new venture of local coach and consultant Vicki McLeod, of Main Street Communications. McLeod is a self-proclaimed “fresh food fanatic”. “I have a passion for cookery, and it is an activity that brings joy and contentment into my life.  I wanted to create an online community where people can share recipes and tips for happy, healthy living,” said McLeod. “I also wanted the site to support local community efforts and to have a higher purpose,” she said. To that end, Dishing in the Kitchen is partnering with the Golden Ears FEAST to assist with promotion, awareness and volunteer activities. The partnership around Food Awareness Day was a natural one.

McLeod is a Jamie Oliver fan and has followed his work in food education for the past couple of years. “I’ve always loved his cheeky style and delicious and reliable recipes, but it is his work in raising awareness around the impacts of processed foods on children’s health that has really been inspiring,” said McLeod.

McLeod, one of the Social Chicks, and a social media advocate, tweeted a query a few weeks ago to see if anyone was interested in doing something locally to support Food Revolution Day. Stacy and Mike Mulcahy of Big Feast responded, along with a couple of other local sustainable food advocates. Collaborating with Candace Gordon of Golden Ears FEAST and Eileen Dwillies of the Haney Farmers Market were the next steps.

Candace Gordon, Maple Ridge Citizen-of-the-Year and the coordinator of Golden Ears FEAST says, “There is nothing in the whole wide world that tastes better than a freshly picked tomato warm from the sun or asparagus fresh from the market picked that morning. Food Revolution Day celebrates fresh local food and helps highlight what we are doing right here in our own community.”

For reservations for the Big Feast Farm to Fork dinners May 18-19 call Big Feast Bistro and Catering at (604) 477-4334. The Try it You’ll Like It Booth and Market Tours are Saturday May 19 at the Haney Farmers Market in Memorial Peace Park. The market runs from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm with tours starting at 10:30 am.

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