Sneak Peek: Food Revolution Day

Yes, that's me with Evan, Patrick and Brent of Veggie Table Farm. Yes, those are real peas. And real hats.

Just one more sleep ’til the first ever Food Revolution Day in My Town. Very excited. Of course, Food Revolution Day Eve will be spent at the Big Feast Bistro chowing down on a Farm to Fork feast with fellow foodies and friends. Fun!

Tomorrow, a bright and early start to set up the Try It, You’ll Like It booth at the Haney Farmers Market, headquarters of  Food Revolution Day locally. The booth will be stuffed with information about the history, use and storage of leeks and chives, our featured veggies.

The Gourmet Grannies from Golden Ears Food Education and Security Table will be dishing up samples of Cock-a-Leekie Soup made from overwintered leeks and fresh chives, along with potatoes and stock – recipe provided by My Town’s Citizen-of-the-Year! Very special soup, that.

The Kitchenettes, a vibrant team of volunteers from Dishing in the Kitchen, will offer Market Tours starting at 10:30 a.m. to meet local vendors and farmers. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • A Bread Affair – organic, artisan bread
  • Golden Ears Cheesecrafters – natural cheeses from fresh Jersey milk
  • Never Say Die Nursery – seasonal veggies and herbs
  • Veggie Table Farm – flats of peas, buckets of lettuce
  • Red Barn Plants and Produce – starter plants, veggies and herbs
  • Nature and Living – starter plants, veggies and herbs
  • Chefs Natural Sausage – natural, nitrate and gluten-free

Everything is grown or harvested in British Columbia. That’s My Province (ahem). If you live around here, c’mon by. The first 25 to take the tour get the coveted Dishing in the Kitchen fridge magnets. If you’re far away, download the pic of me, Evan, Patrick and Brent and put it on your fridge with your own darn magnet. Not quite like being there, but it’ll dress up the fridge.

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