Share the Love: A 14-Day Challenge

share the loveIn the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I challenged my Facebook fans and followers to find 14 people (not in their direct families – ‘cos that would kinda be too easy) and tell these 14 people that they loved them and to go further and get specific and tell them what it is about them that they love.

Each day, I added an additional challenge or suggestion to amplify and expand the love dialogue. The secret agenda? Just to get people to focus on love – on being loved and being loving. A beautiful batch of people showed up to take the challenge. Calling themselves #teamlove, they enthusiastically spread the love across their online and offline communities.

Heartfelt thanks to Drucilla Desabrais, Alexandra Tudose, Vicky Jo Varner, Joseph Robinsmith, Kathy Irwin, Sylvia Taylor, Heather Fletcher, Daryl Stephenson, Christine Trischuk, Faye Luxemburg-Hyam, and Suzanne Laurie who agreed to play in.

What do I know for sure? Their hearts are bigger, healthier and pumping more sweet life as a result of joining #teamlove. Love is strange that way. The more you give, the more you have.

I promised them prizes. In their names, I’m making a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. They are also going to get a little something from me. Along with a great, big *SMOOCH*. Their challenge: pass it on.

The Challenges:

Friday, Day 1 – Let the Love Challenge Begin!

Saturday, Day 2 – Love of Food

Sunday, Day 3 – Lovebirds

Monday, Day 4 – Love for Strangers

Tuesday, Day 5 – Love of Services

Wednesday, Day 6 – The Language of Love

Thursday, Day 7 – Unexpected Love

Friday, Day 8 – Noticing Love

Saturday, Day 9 – Love of Friends

Sunday, Day 10 – Inner Love

Monday, Day 11 – Love of Family

Tuesday, Day 12 – Love of Self

Wednesday, Day 13 – Love Song Jamboree

Thursday, Day 14-CELEBRATE

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