Mixing Up a Batch of Contentment

Here’s an easy-bake recipe for getting more out of your leisure time. Consider it a kind of contentment cake mix:

Take one-and-a-half spare hours, mix together with a fitness goal – say an 8K walk, add a digital camera and one or two positive friends or acquaintances to taste.  Put all ingredients outside in the fresh air and check progress digitally.

Reflect on the results.

Exercise, social time, fresh air and creative pursuits – all in  one delicious package. Yum.

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About Vicki

I’m a coach and consultant and in my spare time I like to cook and play house. I believe happy idleness is a purposeful pathway to a contented life. And I am happiest either in my pajamas or an apron – or both.


  1. Linda Hestiow Robertson says:

    Absolutely LOVE the receipt for getting more out of your leisure time. I am one that thinks I have to ALWAYS be doing something or I have wasted my day. I am trying hard to change that bad habit. I love the idea of taking back my weekend – from errands, housework, shoppping and even having the grandkids “every weekend”. Thanks for sharing such good information.

    • Hi Linda – my pleasure! Sorry for the delay replying – I’ve been busy playing! Would love to hear how you progress in taking back the weekend. Start now.

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