Life is Just a Bowl of Pyrex

Spring Blossom Pyrex

The pattern that started it all. Thanks Mom!

It started innocently enough while visiting a vintage market with a dear old friend. I picked up a set of Pyrex ‘Spring Blossom’ Princess mixing bowls. They reminded me of my mother’s kitchen, so I bought them and then posted about the find here on the blog.

Pyrex 404s

Strange bowls keep following me home.

As I continued on my merry thrifting way, I kept my eyes open for other pieces to compliment the happy green set comfortably adorning the Kitchen’s shelves. The first collection ‘blossomed’ and in my avid grazing, random bits of Pyrex and other bakeware attached themselves to me. In particular large yellow Pyrex bowls and I developed a strange affinity. They simply kept following me home.

Occasionally, I post pictures of my Pyrex finds on the Dishing Facebook page and they provoke cascades of happy reminisces along with tragic tales of clumsily dropped bowls smashed to smithereens or lost forever and desperately missed.

Sometimes the stories start in the childhood kitchen with grandmother mixing up batches of cookies and wind up in the territory of the first bike, date, kiss or successful pastry.


But mainly:

Pyrex Primary Colours Set

Primarily Pyrex. Three of the Four in the Primary Colours Set.

“When I look at that bowl, I see my mother baking when I was a child”

“The bowl I took with me when I left home”

“My mother always sent us home with the yellow pyrex bowl filled with cabbage rolls”

“Ours was the potato salad bowl”

“The popcorn bowl”

“The beans and franks dish”

It’s as if these homey pieces unlock a tide of real or imagined nostalgic recollections of home and security, warmth and nourishment. This connection is somehow reassuring. These pieces have survived decades in family kitchens and whisper in their borosilicate sturdiness: You will endure.

So will our memories and our favourite family recipes. I’d love to hear what was served up in the beloved Pyrex of your childhood.

A Pyrex P.S.

You may be thinking that the Kitchen’s Pyrex lolls about on a comfortable shelf simply being adored. Not so! (Well, it is adored, that is true…but…it is both well-loved and well-used).  Today my hard-working dishes and I made a  Gluten-Free Blueberry Crisp courtesy of The Family Chef. Most excellently worthy of being mixed up in these found treasures. Also, yummy.

Gluten-Free Blueberry Crisp

Mixins' and fixins' for blueberry crisp -and such nice dishes!









Next up: How far would you go for Pyrex? Stay tuned.

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  1. I think this must be my favourite post of yours!! I know what you mean – Oh what can I say? It is hard to put into words…. my (slight) obsession is with all things milkglass! Oh dear. I have a mad crush on all things that are ‘Glasbake’ .Can never leave a ‘GlasBake’ anything behind when I spot it on a thrift store shelf. And I love (LOVE) glass bowls, all sizes, as I never realized how many lovely patterns there are. I used to have so few salad bowls, and now I have a wealth of them.
    My favourite part of hunting and finding vintage kitchenware is that I pick out what I like from hundreds of discarded items sitting on thrift stores shelves. Always happy with what I pick out – I bring them home,scour them clean and they become part of my kitchen repertoire. Open our fridge and you will find at least six or more Pyrex casserole dishes or bowls with food in them. Very useful hobby!

  2. Hi Darlene:
    Agree. I have some GlasBake as well as what I call ‘Randomware’ – Thermo-Rex (which I love) for example! Your obsession with milk glass leads very naturally into a love of Pyrex and other ‘practical’ bakeware and the fact that you are filling your home with beautiful glass and ‘objet d’ food’ is somehow comforting. I am reminded that this obsession can be a weighty one, though, requiring lots of space and sturdy shelves!

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