Holding Onto the Apron Strings

What is it about aprons? I have a huge stash of them behind my laundry-room door – and I bet you do, too. Somewhere.  There’s a down-hominess to wearing an apron, especially if you pair it with gumboots – or better still pyjamas! There’s also a kind of built-in efficiency that comes with strapping one on. I don’t know what it is, but when I put on an apron I am getting down to business in the kitchen (or garden, or garage).

Wearing an apron brings the freedom to make a mess, get my hands in the food, and splatter around in creative juices.

Last week I bought myself the new bee apron, and at Christmas I got three aprons as gifts, (two of which I bought myself – *sigh*). True. I admit it. I am an Apron-Addict. It’s the new AA. I come by it honestly. Ask my mom. I’ve been tugging on her apron strings for years. I just won’t let go.

This week in honour of Mother’s Day, I ordered myself a new one. Sweet. Sassy. A little bit retro. And, here’s a secret…I think I’ve hit Apron Heaven. This brand is called Flirty Aprons. With a name like that, how could I resist buying one?

Okay. I admit it. I ordered two. How did you know?  But they’re different. One has dots and one has cherries. I know! Cherries are just plain irresistible.

Oh. No, I am not a mother. But I do really like to honour Mother’s Day. Especially if it involves a new apron – or two.  I can’t wait to test-drive it and tell you all about it – er – them.

Meantime, if you’re a Mom – I think you deserve a new apron. If you’re not, you deserve one, too.

Treat yourself: visit Flirty Aprons. Try and stop at just one.


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I’m a coach and consultant and in my spare time I like to cook and play house. I believe happy idleness is a purposeful pathway to a contented life. And I am happiest either in my pajamas or an apron – or both.

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