Good Neighbours

The gorgeous Kitchenettes

The gorgeous Kitchenettes


It’s About More Than Food

Dishing in the Kitchen is kind of all about food – and then again, it isn’t. It’s also about making and sustaining connections that nourish us and feed our souls. The folks on this page are feeding our bodies, souls, and communities. Dishing in the Kitchen is happy to endorse and support them.  Big, fat thank-you to The Kitchenettes, a group of sweet, savvy volunteers who devote their time to support local real food events and activities. Lorene, Kathy, Kimberly, Kathleen, Corisa, Heather and Darlene – you’re the best. Smooches. 

Golden Ears FEAST

We love a full, happy table and are fanatical about healthy, fresh food. In My Town, I support the Golden Ears Food Education and Strategy Action Table, aka GE FEAST. These folks are dedicated to food, farming and the environment. They educate and advocate on behalf of the entire food cycle – from non-GMO seed to organic composting. Their mandate is to ensure that food and locally sustainable produce is available to all. Some of the great programs offered locally:

Food for families, farms for food.

  • Community Kitchens
  • Senior’s Buying Club/Golden Ears Buying Club
  • Wellness Clinic: Taste and Tell
  • Let’s Get Cooking for ages 0-12
  • Good Food Produce Box
  • Gourmet Grannies
  • Intergenerational Garden

If you’d like to donate to Golden Ears FEAST, contact me.  Dishing in the Kitchen will happily match any donations received.

If you are in the Metro Vancouver or nearby areas of BC, where I live, you can support any number of related programs, farms, restaurants and services. Farm Folk City Folk have a comprehensive list in their Knowledge Pantry (don’t you just love it?!).

And, if you have similar agencies, groups or programs in Your Town, why not get involved, and help keep real food on our tables? It’ll feed your soul.

Big Feast Bistro & Catering

Celebrating local food.

Stacy and Mike Mulcahy of Big Feast Bistro & Catering in Maple Ridge B.C. are committed to family and community. From their site:  “Our community table is the heart of our dining room and is there to encourage guests to connect, interact and get acquainted. Family is an integral part of who we are, and as such, we have created a space and  amenu that welcomes and encourages families to enjoy each other’s company, allows parents to enjoy a great meal , and allows kids to be just who they are – kids!

We  strongly stand behind shopping local, re-using and recycling… We have created the menu with local merchants in mind, and select locally made (within 100 mile), organic ingredients whenever we can.  Because of this, our menu changes regularly, just like the seasons.  We are proud to serve fair trade, and organic sustainably grown Salt Spring Coffee.  We look forward to seeing you!”

Stacy and Mike are good neighbours indeed. Dishing in the Kitchen is delighted to partner with Big Feast, GE FEAST and the Haney Farmer’s Market to bring the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day to Our Town two years in a row. You can do something in Your Town, too!