Gaga Over Goats

I have a bit of a secret. I love goats. I am also inordinately fond of chickens. I have a very active fantasy life in which I have a backyard chicken coop producing wonderful free range eggs, a couple of handsome and wise-looking goats and a milking cow named, very creatively, Daisy. (The chickens and goats have names, too but we won’t go into that).

What is prompting me to muse affectionately about goats? I spent the Canada Day long weekend visiting the Courtenay-Comox valley and was thrilled to encounter almond-eyed goats gazing from roadside fields and an abundance of chicken coops dotting backyards. I even managed a visit to a sleepy little petting zoo where my aunt and I got up close & personal with these amusing critters – not to mention meeting a crabby pig named Patti-Cake, a timid turkey and some rather friendly sheep.

We made a special stop at Coombs Country Market, famous for the family of gregarious goats that live on the roof. We purchased fresh island strawberries, raspberries and a wicked balsamic reduction and then carried on to a family BBQ hosted by my sister and her husband, the King of Ribs.

My farmyard fantasies extend into the cyber-world where I am an enthusiastic Farmville fan. I started my cartoon farm a few months ago while recovering from a surgery. What started as a few cartoon plots growing a few cartoon pumpkins has become a lively little rural dream including a nursery barn, orchard, and – of course – a chicken coop and a flock of goats.

When I received my first Farmville goat, I celebrated by baking a goat-cheese tart and serving it to my sister-in-law. She called it a little taste of heaven. I call it eating the dream.

Visit Coombs BC

It’s Meatless Monday. Goat Cheese Tart makes a great main, especially accompanied by a fresh salad and crusty bread. Tune in later this week for the recipe!

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  1. Darlene says:

    Yummy! and I love all the animals in the story too!

  2. Michelle | Bleeding Espresso says:

    Haha I love it! You're welcome to come hang out with my girls any time you like at Goat Berries :)

  3. I love goats too….when I was a kid I had a black and white goat named Billy. He ate a bowl full of my oreo cookies when I wasn't looking and yes, he did climb up on top of the big ol' farm oak table to do it! I was also the 'chicken girl' on my family farm. I dream of that farm often. Summers were the best! Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? I need to do that! I also want to read Sy Montgomery's book, Birdology. There is a good chapter in there about chickens. The girls are very smart Vicky….. Keep building that Farmville! Look forward to the Goat Cheese Tart. Chevre is soooo good!!!!!

  4. Thanks Michelle – I visited Goat Berries & I love it — posted it on FB and going to follow you on Twitter, too. A goat girl after my own heart.

    Sue – I am wondering if Billy became black & white after eating those oreos? I have read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and it is one of my faves. I really like Kingsolver and that one in particular. I'll have to check out Birdology. As you know, birds are something else I have a weakness for.


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