Finding the Centre

Happily moodling with my new Nikon this morning. Working with focusing on a small, close-in subject. Very appropriate I thought, for the blog – being all about having a macro-focus, or exquisite awareness of the little, tiny, everyday things that bring joy, contentment and peace. Here’s my experiment:

Using P:Mode (a kind of flexible auto-mode).
Metaphorically, I can say I spend a fair bit of time in this mode…


Using the auto macro-zoom setting (added richness…better focus)


Using the auto macro-zoom with flash (exquisite awareness with just a little more dash!)

Variations on a theme  – yet with a common thread: the beautiful still centre that is the heart of the composition. Remind you of anything?

And the big boy that makes it all possible…

This is love.
(Taken with my trusty Canon compact) 


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