Fab Finds For the Family Table

This week’s fab finds — spring coloured quilted cotton placemats. What makes these so fab? The colours are perfect for my living room/dining room combo space and the quilting will help protect the gorgeous teak table passed on to us by my mother-in-law. It is an absolute beauty that she shipped home from a trip to Denmark in the 60’s. It has been the family table for more than 40 years and I am determined not to be the one that dents, burns or scrapes it! I also found these great cork-backed mats that we can use on the table under serving dishes. I do love setting a pretty table and while this table is a stunner on its own, the new accessories are both beautiful and practical. I must admit these aren’t my usual thrift shop finds…you can find them at Wal-Mart for about $3 each. A small price to pay for preserving a family hierloom. If this teak could talk…

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