Dishing Fans Take Back the Weekend

Drum roll, please.

Here I am with the awesome Peter Laurie, proprietor of the Backeddy Resort and Marina and the generous sponsor of the Take Back Your Weekend contest. Lucky fan, Jenn Co-McMillan won the online draw contest and Kathleen Hatley won the door prize draw at the Soul Sail in June.

Standing Up for Lying Down was our theme, and our entrants napped, sipped, sighed, rested and reclined in answer to the question we posed: What is your favourite way to relax?

Just in case you have trouble choosing a way to relax (shocking but true – believe me, I hear this a lot in my coaching practice), here are some of the entries:

  • Sitting in my comfortable chair wearing my loungers reading a good book with sounds of the ocean playing in the background. Paradise!
  • A good chair, a hot cup of tea, a cozy blanket, no sound other than nature and a good book … seriously :^)
  • Reading a book while getting a foot massage!!!
  • Walking the dogs on the dikes.
  • Lying on the hammock on the back deck.  I did it this afternoon in the sun and if I didn’t have to be somewhere this evening, I would have had the first afternoon nap I have had in ages….. I am looking foward to taking some this summer on that hammock
  • Spaaaaaah.
  • So many to choose from but I think my ultimate way to relax is to go for walks with my family on the beach, looking at shells, rocks, etc.
  • Curled up in my favorite arm chair with a fantasy-adventure novel and a glass of BC Shiraz.
  • Bottle of wine, plate of cheese, a charcuterie platter, family and friends! :)  Sunshine would be nice as well but beggars can’t be choosers.
  • Lounging on the deck in the sun with a cocktail in hand… three sips in and I’m fast asleep!
  • At our family trailer at The Glen in the States.  It is such a magical place…..the kids call it our little bubble in paradise because it is such an escape.  No phones, no laundry, no computers…..pure heaven.  We eat, we laugh, we swim, we eat s’mores
  • It seems that life gets in the way sometimes to actually relax… but parking myself in a lawn chair at my son’s baseball games are the most efficient way for me to turn it off.  And if the ball is good, I don’t even think about all the things I could be doing.
  • Reclining on my deck, sipping on a Strawberry Daiquiri, while watching the Purple Martins fill the sky with their beautiful purple feathered bodies.
  • My favourite way to relax is have family and friends over for a fun night of good food and great fun . We play games, sit around a bonfire, enjoying each others company.  If I get the chance I slip away for a quite walk.
  • Into my PJ’s and into my bed with a good book, only get up to go to the washroom and snack, then back to bed usually with my favortie blanket.
  • Lay in bed with a magazine or book. I know, what a geek!
  • Getting comfy on the couch, under my quilt, with a glass of water, a bowl of popcorn and watching a good movie.
  • I almost always have an afternoon nap on my day off.  And not on the couch!  I go to my comfy cozy fluffy bed!  I also sleep in most days off….unless I have already committed to an event!  Stand up for lying down!  Love it!
  • This season its digging in the dirt and planting flowers and veggies.
  • Anytime I am with my family at home I am relaxed….
  • Sitting down in a comfy recliner chair under a big cedar on the ‘back 40’ plugged into my favourite visualization tape
  • Here is my favourite recipe for relaxing (in the winter):
    1. Select one cold, wet, dreary Sunday afternoon
    2. Pre-heat the living room (turn on the fireplace)
    3. Gather all of the ingredients from their places in my home and bring them to the living room
  • Any sunny or semi-sunny day, any time of the year, there is nothing better than the deck at Pitt Meadows Airport, cold lemonade or hot chocolate, depending on the time of year – you are practically on the runway, watching the planes come and go.
  • My perfect way to relax is to lounge on the deck in the sun with an icy cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other. Three sips in and I’m usually fast asleep!
  • Sometimes it’s hard to turn ‘off’ at the end of the day… for me it’s all about the routine.  Dinner, dishes, a quick 10 minute tidy and then VOILA!  a marvelous, delicious, steaming hot, perfectly brewed cup of tea… aaaahhh Bliss.
  • Curling upon the couch at the end of a hard day, wrapped up in my quilt, eating popcorn, drinking water, watching a good movie.
  • I am in the midst of planning a wedding ( in Oct) and have just completed the BCIT Broadcast program…some days I’m not sure I even remember what it is like to relax. My perfect way to relax would be a glass of vino in hand, sitting on a patio laughing.

Hard to beat these ideas, so no excuses! Get thee to a deck chair, recliner, rocker or couch. Love your inner potato.

It was delightful (if slightly geeky) fun to send out the e-announcement to entrants. Knowing that they had been subliminally influenced to think about taking some down-time this summer was even better. Better still: knowing Jenn and Kathleen will ACTUALLY be getting down.  Yes. Sitting on my deck feeling smug.


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