Found: The Perfect Butter Dish

Might be because of the name of this blog, or it could just be that I am just part of a common universal longing, but I find myself crazy over dishes. I’ve an inkling I am not alone, as I regularly come across others afflicted with the same urge to find and collect great china, stoneware, crockery and Pyrex.

Dishes, of all kinds, from serving plates to mixing bowls, are crammed into cupboards and cabinets across the world. Somehow, there is always room to squeeze in just one more platter or teacup.

I visited Pyrexmania in a previous post, and even formed a group board on Pinterest to share the Pyrex love. (Please do feel free to join us!) This post celebrates a more international quest  – the finding of great crockery on the road.

The upside: Oh so much beautiful stuff to be found out there in the big world!

The downside: Waaaaay too heavy to pack home in a suitcase. (This, of course, is my downside view. My hubby sees it as an upside. Go figure.)

So armed with my trusty iPhone, I went shopping with my camera on a recent trip to the UK. I did find the perfect butter dish. A lifelong quest fulfilled.

Sadly, I did not buy it. I am filled with an odd sense of virtue, and a very sweet sense of regret.

Here are my favourite finds:

vintage crockery

Yummy vintage crockery – London, UK










handpainted china

Handpainted china – London, UK











Vintage butter dish

Vintage butter dish I did not buy. Best I’ve ever seen. Ah, sweet regret. Ludlow, UK










Portmeirion: Queen of the china (imho)! A whole store full...

Portmeirion: Queen of the china (imho)! A whole store full…Porthmadog, Wales.












So, dish. What’s your favourite fab find in the collectibles department? How full are your cabinets?


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