Crazy for Coconut Oil

coconut oilLately, I seem to be hooked on a theme related to home remedies.  It is probably a natural extension of my interest in healthy foods, and not necessarily a bad thing to be hooked on.

Years ago, I battled a substance abuse problem and I would very often follow a ‘party’ night with a junk food binge. I used to joke, while chowing down, that once I started abusing myself, I just couldn’t stop. (Oh, it hurts my heart to write that now!) Nearly a quarter of  a century has passed since then and I think the same principle applies, except it would be ‘Once I start cherishing myself, I just can’t stop’. (Oh, happy heart!)

The path to eating healthy, whole foods has me considering the way I use other products. It is fair to say that I have spent a small fortune on skin care products and colour cosmetics. Kind of an addiction of its own, I have drawers full of tubes and creams, gloss and shine. They’re small drawers, but still. I’m convinced that the right combination of products in pretty little packages will give me flawless, glowing skin.

Truth is, I actually wear very little make-up. I just buy it. It is like the quest for the holy grail of youth and vitality. The right moisturizer will make it so, and I keep buying it, tossing it in a drawer, and returning to the quest. In particular, I’ve been seeking a remedy for facial eczema. And believe me, I have tried just about everything. To date, what has worked best?


At yoga class a few weeks ago, I overheard one of the instructors talking about her journey with eczema. My flaky little ears perked up and I found out she exclusively uses coconut oil. Did I mention she has flawless, glowing skin?

Well, I just happened to have a goodly quantity of coconut oil on hand. It is a minor miracle in the kitchen and highly recommended as a ‘good’ fat.

As I write this I am in the Arizona dessert. I’ve been using the coconut oil for three weeks on my face and somehow it has migrated to the rest of me. My skin feels and looks great. It turns out the oil is a great hair treatment in the skirmish with sun and chlorine, too.

Can I replace those drawers full of cosmetic candy with one sturdy jar of coconut oil?


One tube at a time.


To read more about the benefits of coconut oil in the kitchen, check out Val MacDonald’s blog post.

Note: I am not being paid to endorse the pictured brand or any brand of coconut oil.




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  1. Saw about your skin probs. Just saw my Vancouver Island dermatologist today and was prescribed a B3 cream he invented for skin probs and age spots. Dr Oz and others swear by it.

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