Brrr! Baby It’s Cold Outside – Chicken Soup in a Flash, To the Rescue

Ahh, the weather. We love to talk about the weather. Cold enough for ya? Hot enough for ya? Wet enough for ya? Whether it is complaining about the dreary winter days on the West Coast or the walls of snow on the East Coast, we love to talk about what is happening outside. And when […]

From Ick to Slick: Cleaning Stainless Steel

This week, Kitchenette Lorene Stuart shares her tips and tricks for making stainless steel shine, and dishes on her own stove-keeping habits! Lorene is an amazing volunteer, voice and stage actor, with a commitment to community, cookery and common sense. Thanks, Lorene! When my brother and his family came over to our house for Thanksgiving, […]

September is for Soup

There are so many delicious fresh veggies popping up out of the garden now that making veggie soups is practically a no-brainer. Luckily for us because one of the challenges this month in the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Community is to get creative with soups. I’m tickled to be a local ambassador for Jamie’s program […]

Crazy for Coconut Oil

Lately, I seem to be hooked on a theme related to home remedies.  It is probably a natural extension of my interest in healthy foods, and not necessarily a bad thing to be hooked on. Years ago, I battled a substance abuse problem and I would very often follow a ‘party’ night with a junk […]

Big Fat Thank You

A big fat heartfelt thank you to everyone who dropped by to visit Dishing in the Kitchen on launch day yesterday. You liked, tweeted, +1’d, pinned, posted and emailed your good wishes and not a few of you tried out some new online skills to do so. Fun crossing new edges, isn’t it? A special […]

Here are some things I like…

Here is a nice mid-month round up of some things I like: Here is my china cabinet. I’m really fond of it. Also fond of the china in it. It’s our wedding china. Hubby chose it. Also very fond of him. Ditto the little chair next door. Oh, and the china tea-mugs. They belonged to […]

With Apologies to Clement C. Moore

‘Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the house, every nook, crook and cranny is getting a douse; The groceries are stashed in the cupboard and fridge – there is no spare space – not even a smidge! The cookies are nestled all snug in their tins and nephews and nieces have cooky-crumb grins […]

Sharing the Love of Food

Today I figured out how to add a page to my blog. Big doins’ I know! In keeping with my philosophy of the ‘the power of small’, I am revelling in this little accomplishment and decided to use it as a space to post recipes, thus I’ve creatively named the page ‘Recipes’ and I’ve posted one. […]

Foraging for Food: How about it?

Braised Squirrel Aurora Just a quick little post about discovering Hank Shaw’s Hunter Angler Gardener Cook blog today. Just love it. Talk about a DIY guy. Also very keen about his decision to follow his dream and embrace his life philosophy. He is truly living at the edge. His recipes are mouthwatering and definitely portray real food. […]

Swooning over the Moon

Ah, summer! The consummate July evening included grilled chicken, fresh corn on the cob and grilled asparagas with pepper & lime. Yum. Hubby and I sat on the deck and watched the Fraser River flow lazily by. Afterward, drinking lemonade and eating blueberry-peach shortcakes we watched the moon rise above Mount Baker. Good food, big […]