Picturing Spring Favourites

Here’s a little collection of my recent fave photos. Been playing quite  a bit with Instagram. You can join me there at @vickimcleod.

Peonies Envy

Picturing Happiness: 3 Tips

Spring rain. Lazy morning. Contented companionship. Ingredients for happiness. There’s an app for that. (Loving up my Instagram)

How to Make a Revolution

How do you make a delicious revolution? Instructions here.

Mixing Up a Batch of Contentment

Here’s an easy-bake recipe for getting more out of your leisure time. Consider it a kind of contentment cake mix: Take one-and-a-half spare hours, mix together with a fitness goal – say an 8K walk, add a digital camera and one or two positive friends or acquaintances to taste.  Put all ingredients outside in the […]

A Feast for the Eyes

Photography feeds the creative spirit and one of my all-time fave platforms for fun with fotos is Jux. It’s kind of a photo-blog/word collage site on steroids. Your photos and words end up as big, glossy, yummy eye-candy. Delicious. Highly caloric. Uber-satisfying. I’m committed to creating more there. Here’s a slide show called “Comfort Food” […]

Finding the Centre

Happily moodling with my new Nikon this morning. Working with focusing on a small, close-in subject. Very appropriate I thought, for the blog – being all about having a macro-focus, or exquisite awareness of the little, tiny, everyday things that bring joy, contentment and peace. Here’s my experiment: Using P:Mode (a kind of flexible auto-mode). […]

A Perfect Sunday: Visiting Fort Langley

On a recent weekend, my hubby promised me a blog-worthy outing that would allow me to indulge in some of my favourite idle pursuits. Walking, daydreaming, picture-taking…all at the contented slow-mo pace that suits me best when chores are done, work is tucked safely away for the weekend and the pantry is stocked with endless […]