Soup Pot Wisdom

At the heart of the ‘everyday happiness’ conversation is the notion that being present to our ordinary activities and daily tasks is the pathway to deep joy and a profound contentment. Very often, we look outside ourselves, or to some future way-station, where, upon arrival we will have our heart’s desire and a happy life […]

Recipes from an Italian Kitchen

It’s midwinter on the wet, west coast where I live, and  we are having those kind of dark, gloomy days that simply cry out for cosy jammies, snuggles, and comfort food. As I type this, the house is filled with the robust aroma of Ragu Bolognese. My beloved is steaming up the kitchen, trying his hand at […]

Stretch Your Dollars

Kitchenette Lorene is here this week with a few fun ways to try new products without spending any money. And what could be more fun than that? Yes, I am the Queen of Thrift. I come by it honestly. My mom could find deals with the precision and grace of a ninja. She never bought […]

Decluttering: Thinking Outside The Cardboard Box

I am the product of two pack rats. (I love you, Mom and Dad.) Almost everything could find a new purpose so it was kept “Just in Case” or “For Sentimental Reasons”. As a result, I have had a lifelong struggle with my ‘need to keep everything addiction’. Oh, you have that one, too? My […]

From Ick to Slick: Cleaning Stainless Steel

This week, Kitchenette Lorene Stuart shares her tips and tricks for making stainless steel shine, and dishes on her own stove-keeping habits! Lorene is an amazing volunteer, voice and stage actor, with a commitment to community, cookery and common sense. Thanks, Lorene! When my brother and his family came over to our house for Thanksgiving, […]

Found: The Perfect Butter Dish

Might be because of the name of this blog, or it could just be that I am just part of a common universal longing, but I find myself crazy over dishes. I’ve an inkling I am not alone, as I regularly come across others afflicted with the same urge to find and collect great china, […]

From Cornwall, With Love.

Travelling the Cornish coast this week, and it’s official. I am in love with Cornwall. Of course, how can you not love a county committed to cream? A short pictorial post today. Much eating to do, yeah? Toodle-loo.

Picturing Spring Favourites

Here’s a little collection of my recent fave photos. Been playing quite  a bit with Instagram. You can join me there at @vickimcleod.

Crazy for Coconut Oil

Lately, I seem to be hooked on a theme related to home remedies.  It is probably a natural extension of my interest in healthy foods, and not necessarily a bad thing to be hooked on. Years ago, I battled a substance abuse problem and I would very often follow a ‘party’ night with a junk […]

Of Perfect Picnics and Pies

Labour Day Weekend is the last great weekend of summer in our part of the world and blessed by almost perfect weather, a large and pretty backyard and a conveniently dated family birthday, Dishing in the Kitchen hosted a ‘vintage garden picnic’ to celebrate all of the above-mentioned. To make the perfect backyard picnic, select […]