Stretch Your Dollars

Kitchenette Lorene is here this week with a few fun ways to try new products without spending any money. And what could be more fun than that? Yes, I am the Queen of Thrift. I come by it honestly. My mom could find deals with the precision and grace of a ninja. She never bought […]

7 Tips for A Happy Life: Lessons Learned

Isn’t there a way that life sometimes throws us curveballs? My kitchen is my happy place. When I’m grouchy, frustrated, grieving or simply feeling blue, I turn to my pots and pans and whisks and beaters. Cooking soothes me. It puts me in the zen-zone. I was injured recently and essentially unable to manage any […]

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

I must admit, the title of this post was inspired by my friends at Big Feast Bistro and Catering in Maple Ridge. They have an amazing menu of fresh, locally inspired dishes that are healthy and oh-so-yummy.  Chef Mike Mulcahey creates unique dishes and comes up with equally unique names for his creations. I’m lifting […]

Share the Love: A 14-Day Challenge

In the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I challenged my Facebook fans and followers to find 14 people (not in their direct families – ‘cos that would kinda be too easy) and tell these 14 people that they loved them and to go further and get specific and tell them what it is […]

12-21-12: A Recipe for the End (of the year, that is)

Okay, so the world didn’t end as predicted by the Apocalyptics, and the Transcendents seem to be still with us (at least the ones that I know personally). However….the year is drawing to a close, and what if it were really possible to start over? And why not? Here’s what I think makes a great […]

The Family Bean Pot

Happened to have the family over for  a pre-Christmas gathering recently. Turned out it was Grey Cup Sunday, which is a big football-y deal here in Canada. At least I think it’s a big deal in Canada. For all I know, it might just be a big deal in Western Canada. Is there something called […]

Take Your Sweet Thyme

As I write this, a batch of heirloom tomatoes are slow-roasting in the oven. It is foggy outside and cool. Leaves on the trees are that goldy-green colour they get at this time of year, especially along muddy riverbanks. It’s peaceful. The aroma filling the house is heavenly. The tomatoes are roasting with thyme from […]

Dishing Fans Take Back the Weekend

Drum roll, please. Here I am with the awesome Peter Laurie, proprietor of the Backeddy Resort and Marina and the generous sponsor of the Take Back Your Weekend contest. Lucky fan, Jenn Co-McMillan won the online draw contest and Kathleen Hatley won the door prize draw at the Soul Sail in June. Standing Up for […]

First, We Take the Weekend (or Kathleen does)

Very excited to announce that Kathleen Hatley aka My Clutter Coach won the prize draw on the Soul Sailing excursion and will be heading for a fabulous overnight getaway for two at the Backeddy Marina and Resort on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Kathleen won one of two overnight getaways sponsored by Dishing in the Kitchen […]

Crossing the Edge

New territory. All about crossing personal edges to get there. In this little PJ (housecoat?) video, I’m introducing the concept of crossing my own edges in giving a presentation aboard a boat. Yikes! Those edges are, well, edgy.