Baked Shrimp a la New Orleans (with a little Kitchenette Twist)

“Where yer at?” Kitchenette Lorene might greet you with when in New Orleans.  Your reply? “Aw-rite.” (Basically it is “How are you” and “Fine thanks”.) What do you think about when we say “New Orleans”? I think of great music like Jazz and Dixieland, cobblestone streets, the French Quarter, and, of course, lots of seafood. […]

Spring Already? Time for Gluten-Free Oven-Fried Chicken

Happy Spring Everyone! Kitchenette Lorene here to share one of my favourite recipes for quick meals, picnics, lunches – well, whatever suits your needs. With prices of food soaring, it is getting more challenging to find inexpensive meals to cook. Recently, our local market had chicken legs on sale for a bargain so I bought […]

Easter Bunnied Eggs

Think that Easter treats are just about chocolate bunnies, chicks and eggs? Think again. Kitchenette Lorene is back with a clever twist on an old favourite. “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail Hopping down the Bunny Trail” Those lyrics take me back to Easter morning (after church of course) hunting for the treats left behind by […]

Classy Chicken Comfort Food

Kitchenette Lorene brings us one of her family favourites, complete with comfort food contentment in this version of Classy Chicken. Perfect midwinter fare or a simple Sunday supper. Thanks Lorene!  From Lorene: Comfort food (according to Wikipedia) is food which provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the consumer, and is often characterized by a high carbohydrate […]

Strawberries Equal Summer Sunshine

Kitchenette Lorene is back this week with a seasonal tasty meal. Strawberries! The mere mention of the word has us salivating. The fragrance of a sweet freshly picked sliced berry of goodness transports us back to childhood. Though we were city dwellers, my Dad loved to grow a garden and my Mom loved to make jam and preserves […]

Brrr! Baby It’s Cold Outside – Chicken Soup in a Flash, To the Rescue

Ahh, the weather. We love to talk about the weather. Cold enough for ya? Hot enough for ya? Wet enough for ya? Whether it is complaining about the dreary winter days on the West Coast or the walls of snow on the East Coast, we love to talk about what is happening outside. And when […]

To Asparagus, With Love

It’s no secret that Dishing in the Kitchen has a love affair with asparagus.  Who doesn’t, right? Not only is it one of the earliest of spring vegetables, it adds  a certain glamour to even everyday meals. With both Spring and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it seemed perfect to post a recipe for […]

Popover Trippin’ – 2 Ways to Boogie Down with the Muffin Pan

As I write this I have a pan full of popovers in the oven. (Just for the record, this is definitely not the same as a bun in the oven. To be absolutely clear.) It’s the weekend, and it is cold and foggy along the river where I live. There is something especially moody about […]

Queen Heather’s Olive Pasta Sauce

After the hubbub of the holidays, sitting down to a simple no-fuss meal with fine friends is the perfect way to wind down and wean ourselves away from the quantities of elaborate foodstuffs that mark most festive menus. Recently, one of our Kitchenettes, Heather, had us over for a light and tasty meal that was […]

Ian’s Holiday Buffet Chicken

This recipe is SO GOOD. What makes it so good is that it is simple and delicious. This particular version was even more delicious. Why?  Hubby made it. It appeared like magic on the holiday buffet table.  This time of year, when feeding friends and family can reach frenzied proportions, having a beautiful and simple […]