Soup Pot Wisdom

At the heart of the ‘everyday happiness’ conversation is the notion that being present to our ordinary activities and daily tasks is the pathway to deep joy and a profound contentment. Very often, we look outside ourselves, or to some future way-station, where, upon arrival we will have our heart’s desire and a happy life […]

Baked Shrimp a la New Orleans (with a little Kitchenette Twist)

“Where yer at?” Kitchenette Lorene might greet you with when in New Orleans.  Your reply? “Aw-rite.” (Basically it is “How are you” and “Fine thanks”.) What do you think about when we say “New Orleans”? I think of great music like Jazz and Dixieland, cobblestone streets, the French Quarter, and, of course, lots of seafood. […]

Spring Already? Time for Gluten-Free Oven-Fried Chicken

Happy Spring Everyone! Kitchenette Lorene here to share one of my favourite recipes for quick meals, picnics, lunches – well, whatever suits your needs. With prices of food soaring, it is getting more challenging to find inexpensive meals to cook. Recently, our local market had chicken legs on sale for a bargain so I bought […]

Easter Bunnied Eggs

Think that Easter treats are just about chocolate bunnies, chicks and eggs? Think again. Kitchenette Lorene is back with a clever twist on an old favourite. “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail Hopping down the Bunny Trail” Those lyrics take me back to Easter morning (after church of course) hunting for the treats left behind by […]

Crispy Baked Basa Fillets with Home Made Tartar Sauce

Omg. Salivating – VM Kitchenette Lorene here again. I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Thrift and always look for less expensive ways to eat well. Recently, I spotted Basa on sale in the frozen food section of one of our local grocers. I prefer to buy local and this is an imported fish. However, it […]

Romantic Turkey Scallopini, Freekeh, and Avocado Truffles.

Here’s a lovely Valentines Day post from our favourite Kitchenette, Lorene Stuart. She’s introducing us to her Valentine’s tradition – the romantic dinner at home, and she cooked up a storm this year for her darling. A freekeh storm. Don’t know what freekeh is? Read on. I loved that part — even better though, is […]

Classy Chicken Comfort Food

Kitchenette Lorene brings us one of her family favourites, complete with comfort food contentment in this version of Classy Chicken. Perfect midwinter fare or a simple Sunday supper. Thanks Lorene!  From Lorene: Comfort food (according to Wikipedia) is food which provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the consumer, and is often characterized by a high carbohydrate […]

Recipes from an Italian Kitchen

It’s midwinter on the wet, west coast where I live, and  we are having those kind of dark, gloomy days that simply cry out for cosy jammies, snuggles, and comfort food. As I type this, the house is filled with the robust aroma of Ragu Bolognese. My beloved is steaming up the kitchen, trying his hand at […]

Picnic Perfect Broccoli Summer Salad

Here’s another FAB summer recipe from Kitchenette Lorene. We got up to some serious picknickery this summer and Lorene and her hubby (Mr. Kitchenette) brought this delicious broccoli salad as their contribution. As an added bonus, the broccoli was from her backyard vegetable garden. (Yes, she can be a bit of a show-off.  We love that about […]

Stretch Your Dollars

Kitchenette Lorene is here this week with a few fun ways to try new products without spending any money. And what could be more fun than that? Yes, I am the Queen of Thrift. I come by it honestly. My mom could find deals with the precision and grace of a ninja. She never bought […]