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In just a few short days, the Kitchen is going on a crusade to help you “Take Back Your Weekend”*. We got a practice start in fine style recently at the Scout Vintage Market.

An old friend bought tickets to the “First Dibs” preview night.  “First Dibs” is an absolutely brilliant marketing strategy whereby we got a sneak peek, wine and artisan-style goodies, some early shopping and paid $25 a ticket for the fun. *Applause* These Market chicks are savvy and every note of the event was perfect.

I felt very spoiled, and it seemed like a good idea to go with it…

So the Kitchen got some new-old  treasures, including a beautiful set of pyrex mixing bowls and baking dishes, and a great old-timey serving tray. If you were a teen in the 70s, you probably learned to cook with dishes like these. Fond memories of my mama’s kitchen.


‘Cos I also have a thing for a french country kitchen I couldn’t resist the glass cheese cloche, and it pairs up beautifully with the little quails – fab finds from the neighbourhood garage sale a couple of weeks ago. (So happy together).






One of my final ‘finds’ was this little footstool. The lettering translates as “Put up your feet here”.

A perfect message for a weekend warrior – vive le revolution!







*Check back next week, when Dishing in the Kitchen hosts: “Take Back Your Weekend: Stand Up for Lying Down” a contest focused on rocking relaxation, where you can win an overnight getaway for two at the Backeddy Resort on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of B.C. 

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  1. Love your vintage finds Vicki. Totally up my ally. Happy to learn about the Scout Vintage Market!

    • Thanks Lori – there is just ‘something’ about vintage or retro isn’t there? For me, a connection to home and comfort. And, of course, besides that, there’s just the moodling around in thrift stores and old barns that’s just plain fun.

  2. Thanks for posting a picture of your Pyrex! Love Pyrex and have been scouring the thrift stores in town this week on my lunch-hour for some!…AND found a couple of great casserole dishes (matching!) that I think you would love! Actually the bigger one is full of yummy quinoa salad in our fridge at the moment.
    Vintage markets offer shopping opportunities to find one of a kind treasures at very reasonable prices, What makes each experience unique is that the meaning (or joy) is supplied by the shopper. You never know what you will find and what meaning it may hold! It can be magical.
    Okay, so that is my way of saying that I really like pyrex – it is milk-glass, but ‘oh so practical’..
    Oh and I write this post on my laptop, early Saturday morning with a fresh cup o’ jo! Enjoy your weekend.