Big Fat Thank You

A big fat heartfelt thank you to everyone who dropped by to visit Dishing in the Kitchen on launch day yesterday. You liked, tweeted, +1’d, pinned, posted and emailed your good wishes and not a few of you tried out some new online skills to do so. Fun crossing new edges, isn’t it?

A special welcome to new subscribers – you will get new posts freshly delivered to your inbox. I invite you to visit the site and add your favourite ingredients to the posts. Always happy to have new recipes, helpful hints and generous helpings of fresh insight.

Reading the many notes of congratulations was simply delicious and I’m offering some of the tasty morsels here. Consider them a little amuse-bouche of acknowledgments.  These fed my heart all day and it is full. I will live on them for weeks.

And when the heart is full, it is impossible not to share the love. Gratitude to Andrea Walker of Walker Park Media for making the concept a reality (and for the most fun photo shoot ever!), Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike for insight and support, my Social Chicks for cheering me on, and to Ian McLeod, whose Fraseropolis blog twigged me to the wonder of WordPress (and whose partnership twigged me to wonders of a lot of other stuff!).

And most of all to my first coaches, my Mom and Aunt, who taught me that the primary secret ingredient in good eats is love. The same is true for good living.

One of my favourite notes about the site said:

“This looks to be a ton of fun!”

I hope Dishing in the Kitchen is a ton of fun.  I know I’m having a good time. Let me know what would make it fun for you. Let’s yuk it up together!


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