Best-Ever Banana Muffins Redux

Dancing the happy dance at Dishing in the Kitchen this week! Being muffin-manic I’ve been in a muffin-panic ever since choosing to embark on a multi-month food cleanse, and to clean up my  diet permanently. For me this means radically reducing my intake of wheat, dairy, most carbs, chemicals, and sugar. Don’t get me wrong – I still indulge, and the kitchen – virtual and RLT* –  is well-stocked with recipes and supplies for a big range of eats. I just really want to be healthy, and I want the planet to be healthy, too.

BUT. I love my muffins.

Also, pie. But that is another post.

Little bro’ stopped off for a morning coffee break on a road-trip recently, and just like the old days, it was the perfect opportunity to use him as a guinea-pig. This time, in the Muffin Experiment.

Oh, and this time he was willing.

I used my basic and most favourite Best-Ever Banana Muffin recipe.

And here’s what I changed:

  • The bananas I used were a little on the small side so I added 1/2 c. of organic unsweetened applesauce.
  • I replaced the all-purpose flour with Namaste Foods gluten-free, sugar-free Perfect Flour Blend. (I’ve used this flour blend a lot and am very happy with the results overall).
  • I also replaced the sugar with coconut palm sugar, and added 2/3 c. of frozen rhubarb (thawed and lightly drained).
  • The teaspoons of baking soda and baking powder I used were generous.
I varied the amount of batter in each muffin tin to see what would give the best results. Fill the muffin tins about 2/3 full. (**no, don’t – I retested the recipe and I think 1/2 full is good enough) I think extra moisture is key to success in GF baking, (**maybe not, still experimenting) so even if you have large bananas, I’d add the applesauce (**don’t think so) , especially if you don’t have any rhubarb in your freezer. (But that would be too sad). (Do stick with the rhubarb).
The result: Yummy.
Little bro’s verdict: He ate two and took three with him.
Happy dance because: Now I can really indulge my muffinfatuation, and it’s rhubarb season again!


*RLT-Real Life, Too

**Emergency Muffin Update: I heard back from someone who tried this version and was not successful. The muffins, she said, turned out ‘soupy’. Alarmed, I retested the recipe – this time I had larger bananas on hand. I’ve made notes above. I think you can stay close to original Banana Muffin recipe and simply replace the flour with the GF brand and the sugar with coconut palm sugar. The extra rhubarb is OK, too. The good news: they tasted fine, just had a funny texture and were really delicious warm and sliced with some goat cheddar on top!


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  1. These look soooo good! anytime you need a food tester – I’m your gal!!!

  2. Thanks Kathleen! I’ll keep that in mind. But do try this recipe – either version – for yourself. Muffinlicious.

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