Hi. Welcome to Dishing in the Kitchen.

I’m Vicki. I’m a coach and consultant and in my spare time I like to cook and play house. I believe happy idleness is a purposeful pathway to a contented life. And I am happiest either in my pajamas or an apron – or both.

I became infatuated with domestic contentment a couple of years ago while I was laid out after a major surgery.

Reluctantly confined to the hide-a-bed in my living room, I was forced into a state of everyday mindfulness and I realized that everything I needed and loved, was pretty much right in front of my nose. Except of course, muffins. Which were around the corner in the kitchen – the first place I headed as soon as I was up and around.

I put an apron on over my pajamas (bliss), made a deal with myself that I didn’t have to finish everything I started, and mixed up a batch of Best-Ever Banana Muffins. Then of course I ate them.

Tarts and pies followed muffins and my first blog was born right around the same time. My big ‘aha’ was that I actually didn’t have to go far very far or change very much to have an ideal life – and this insight changed my coaching practice and my life forever.

Why Dishing in the Kitchen?

The most important conversations of my life always take place in the kitchen. It’s been that way since I was a girl. Life’s dramatic, important, or simply tender and graceful moments are always accompanied by big pots of tea, served around the kitchen table. Secrets are shared with dishtowels in hand, scrubbing up the pots and pans, and problems get solved alongside generous helpings of love and home-made soup.

So, “Dishing in the Kitchen” is a place where coaching and cookery collide – where we can share important conversations, warm insights and not a few recipes for pie.

And by dishing, I don’t mean gossiping, I mean deep-dishing, as in baked in a deep dish – thoughtful conversations that are rich with meaning, sweet in intention and sprinkled with practical wisdom.

Everybody knows you can’t make a good pie if you’re mad. The same is true for a good life. So, at Dishing, lots of cooks are invited into the kitchen, to serve up tips for finding everyday happiness and cooking up a good life. Because it’s not about where you live, it’s about how you live.