A Taste of Hospitality

One of the great things about having a blog devoted to happy idleness and great eats, is that there are always plenty of invitations for fun and interesting things to do (and eat). This Spring, Dishing in The Kitchen was asked to participate in a community cookbook project to support the local hospital foundation. Did we say yes? Only in a heartbeat.

A taste of hospitality Cookbook

We had a super-fun day shooting the cover in the beautiful kitchen of Denise and Dr. Frank Ervin (serious kitchen envy going on, here!). The gorgeous Kitchenettes Lorene Stuart and Kathleen Hatley were on hand to support the shoot and offer their quirky flair to the session. The Maple Ridge News and the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation took care of all the details, and the Kitchen, well – we cooked up our favourite Tarte Au Chèvre and made everybody’s mouth water until we finally finished the shoot and could eat it!. You can find that recipe here.

For all the rest of the recipes, though, you have to buy the cookbook. It’s  a mere $10 bucks and filled with all kinds of community and cookery goodness.

If you’re local you can contact the RMH Foundation at 604.463.1822, or on Twitter at @RMHFoundation to get your own copy.

Have to say, we’re pretty chuffed to be on the cover of  a cookbook. Who knows what’s next? Hmmm?

 Vicki McLeod Dishing

Here’s a peek at the outtakes:

read more good stuff!:

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