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A big fat Dishing in the Kitchen welcome to Kitchenette Kathy, who is launching our new blog feature, the Kitchenettes Corner with her story of taking on raw food for Lent. Kathy is one of several amazing volunteers who can be found at farmers markets, local food and agricultural events, and of course in her kitchen, cooking up all kinds of great eats and big dreams. You can see more Kitchenette shenanigans here. I’m delighted that she agreed to write for us, and I love her quietly amusing take on the world. Welcome, Kathy! – Vicki M.

Kitchenette KathyI’m taking on raw food for Lent.

I must admit that is a bit of a different way to approach a blog such as this, but to understand where I am coming from it may, or may not, be helpful to know that part of my faith system is based in the Anglican tradition and that the season of Lent has just begun in the Christian calendar. This is bit of an edgy topic for me because I don’t normally talk about my faith and spirituality but to put a bit of a fun twist to this, Anglicans are the ones who consume real wine for communion (some even consume real bread) and my parish rector has also been known to incorporate references to his favourite recipes in his sermons.

Whether he is just checking to make sure that we are actually listening to what he has to say at eight o’clock on a Sunday morning or whether he is dropping a hint for the next time he is invited for dinner is up for debate, but as I was saying, I’m taking on raw food for Lent.

The significance of beginning this journey at this time of year is that it is a life-long commitment, not just a trial for a few days or weeks as is my normal practice. I am not a devout Christian scholar but my basic understanding of Lent is that it is a time of introspection and fasting. I don’t think that it is fasting in the literal sense (although perhaps some do) but more of a “taking on” or “abstaining from” type of practice. What got my attention a couple of years ago was when a priest that I worked with mentioned that Lenten practices are not just something to observe or “do” for the 40 days of Lent. These practices are actually something that you incorporate into your daily life year round.

Year round? Whoa … back the truck up, sister! Well we can just forget about the idea of me giving up chocolate for Lent then. Instead, I am choosing to embark on my journey of incorporating more raw food into my daily life.

This idea actually began to form back in November when I attended my first living & raw food workshop taught by Master Chef Kristina Jacob. In the space of four or five hours, Kristina opened my eyes to the concept of raw food through the use of nuts as a replacement for dairy products.

She demonstrated how to make fresh, raw almond milk, coconut milk and a variety of nut cheeses and desserts. The best part was that she designed our time together so that we got to taste test all of these great treats. They were amazing and delicious and healthy.

One of the things that I took away from her workshop was the idea that I didn’t have to switch to an “all-out” raw food meal plan (unless I wanted to, of course) but that I could “take on” more of or incorporate a little more of this way of eating from where I am right in this moment. For example, if 25% of my meals were already composed from raw fruit and vegetables naturally, how would I feel if I intentionally increased that percentage to 35% or 40%? I’d like to find out.

I’ve started transitioning from milk to raw almond milk. It’s easy and fun to do and what I’ve learned from Kristina is that I can play with the amount of water that I use to create the consistency and taste that I desire.


Almond Milk


Kristina’s Almond Milk Recipe


  • 1 cup raw, unpasteurized almonds
  • 3 cups water


1) Pre-soak almonds in water for 8-12 hours, then rinse

2) Blend in Vitamix or high power blender until smooth (approx. 3-5 minutes)

3) Strain through nut milk bag or cheese cloth

Kristina also mentions that the milk lasts up to two weeks in the fridge.

I’d really encourage you to check out Kristina’s upcoming workshops. You can also email her directly at Kristina.rawfoods(at)gmail.com.

And to add a note about Kristina herself, I found her to be informative, helpful and very approachable. I can’t wait for her next workshop day!

As for me, this is but one step in a journey of many and I’m inviting you along with me as I learn and experience more about the benefits of raw food.

Thanks so much Kathy! We’d love to hear about YOUR raw food journey, and we’ll look forward to Kathy’s updates. Maybe she’ll even share a few of her Rector’s favourite recipes along the way.

PS. Lent began on March 5.



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