A Better World, One Nap at a Time

So, here’s the scoop. Seems people are busy. Yep, I noticed. I know I’m busy and I bet you are, too. Puttering around the kitchen in my apron and PJs, I got to thinking about how it ‘used to be’. I’m just old enough to remember the Monday-to-Friday work week. And the thing that came after – the weekend. Which translated to time off. With the operative word being time. (Or maybe it’s off, – we’ll sort that out as we go).  It might just be me, or maybe it’s the people I hang out with (a lot of whom are self-employed), but it feels like the world might be in danger of losing the fine art of relaxing.

See, I get to coach a lot of different folks – from corporate and community leaders to new moms and empty-nesters – and one thing they all have in common is that they’re looking for balance – and time. Time to pursue dreams and goals, to spend with family and friends, to navel-gaze and figure out what the heck life is all about…

Most of them are also looking for more sleep.

There’s a way of being with time that I refer to as ‘everyday mindfulness’. It’s a way of living intentionally focusing on day-to-day tasks and really noticing the little voice inside that points to what you love. (For me, the voice pretty consistently whispers “Put on your pyjamas. Bake something”). Of course, the tricky part is hearing the voice.  ‘Cos being busy is also noisy and our minds are often elsewhere.

So, Dishing in the Kitchen is on a crusade to Take Back the Weekend.  We’re standing up for lying down and urging you take a break, a nap, or a vacay.  And then another nap. Take some time to do something you love. Or better still, do nothing. You’ll love it.

We’re behind you 100%, so we’ve teamed up with the Backeddy Resort and Marina on the Sunshine Coast in spectacular British Columbia to offer you a chance to win an overnight getaway for two. Call it enforced relaxation. All you need to do is fill out the contest entry and tell us your favourite way to relax. We’ll do the rest. Easy.

First we take the weekend. Then we take the summer. Viva la revolution.


A personal video invitation: Get Lazy and Win


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I’m a coach and consultant and in my spare time I like to cook and play house. I believe happy idleness is a purposeful pathway to a contented life. And I am happiest either in my pajamas or an apron – or both.


  1. love this article thank you for writing it…i am typing one handed…cuz i have a sleeping kitten on me

  2. Sounds very peaceful. Especially for the kitty. Did I mention that the Backeddy is a pet-friendly resort? You, your kitty, a guest of your choice and random pups would be welcome!

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