Quick-Tempered Talkers

This week “Trying to Get a Word in Edgewise”  sent in some gripes that I posted in The Laundry Line.

Dear Dishing in the Kitchen: I have a relative who talks too much, every time we are at a family gathering they “over talk” when others are telling a story. It would be great if they would talk less and listen more! They also are quick tempered! Any advice?
“Trying to Get a Word in Edgewise” in BC 

Dear Edgewise;

Ah, families. I hear you. Doesn’t this just always happen? Especially when we have a really great story to tell and want everyone to listen to us. There’s a saying we use a lot in coaching: “If you spot it, you got it.” The good news is that this means if there is a quality that you really admire in someone, that quality also lives in you. The not-so-good-news is that the same is true of  qualities that irritate us, such as “over talking” or being “quick-tempered”. This is based on theory that we are all each other’s spiritual teachers, our behaviours pointing the way for us to heal ourselves – and I think it’s especially true of our yakkety families. My advice is to really check-in deeply with yourself and see if this behaviour might be something that you engage in yourself – do you take over conversations and marginalize others? Can you be quick-tempered?

Or (and maybe more importantly) it sounds like some part of you really wants to be heard.  Are you marginalizing some voice within yourself? Make this simple. Just notice. Be aware. You don’t even have to say anything about it.

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