12-21-12: A Recipe for the End (of the year, that is)

meditationOkay, so the world didn’t end as predicted by the Apocalyptics, and the Transcendents seem to be still with us (at least the ones that I know personally). However….the year is drawing to a close, and what if it were really possible to start over?

And why not?

Here’s what I think makes a great recipe for finishing with the old and getting ready for a bright, shiny new beginning.


1. Take one part thoughtful consideration, introspection, reflection, prayer or meditation (to taste).

2. Sift through thoughts, actions, behaviours, attitudes of the past 12 months. Discard those that have become stale and no longer serve you.

3. Measure your successes in the past year. Include every win, large or small. They all add sweetness to the mix.

4. Examine your failures. Be gentle, but honest. Squeeze out the lessons learned and discard the rest.

5. Add a generous portion of gratitude. It is recommended to double or triple this ingredient.

This recipe requires rigour. Ensure that you are 100% prepared to leave the old behind or burn it off in a very hot oven (fiery apocalypse, anyone?). You’re now ready to begin anew. Happy transcendence!


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If you are in the Vancouver BC area and interested in a workshop to focus on your new beginning for 2013, check out Cooking Up 2013.

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